Who are Our chefs  ?

Our Executive Chef founded this company in June 29th 2016. His vision was to create a more convenient way for hard working people with busy schedules, people who need better nutrition and everyday people in his local area the option to have pre prepared Meals throughout the week.

The Goal was to start a healthy and convenient food delivery service , and show people how they could investing into themselves, Chef believes Health is Wealth .


While we all love the flavorful , tasteful and traditional food we grew up on , yet some of the foods we consumed aren't so healthy for us to have on a regular basis . Trimming down and looking your best is 75% of how you eat and what you are consuming. The other 25% of the battle is moderate exercising. 

Executive Chef Daniel Burroughs is a Native of Alexandria, Va born and raised in the Dc Maryland Virginia Area. 

He comes from a large family of cooks , musicians and athletes. At a young age Daniel learned to cook from his mother and father .

Once a multi sport athlete who played football basketball and baseball. After college he decided to come back to Virginia an work as a cook for a popular hospitality and catering company where he learned from some of the Top Chefs in the area. Years later he earned a cook position for the Washington Redskins Football Organization under R&R Catering. Daniel worked closely with Chef Manuel Chavez and learned an abundance of knowledge about being a Chef.


After 5 seasons he decided start his own brand Finishing Touches

he is very grateful for the opportunity to have worked under such a prestige organization and still cooks for former and current Redskins players. 

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Dominic R. Williams



Sous Chef Dominic R. Williams has enjoyed cooking since the age of 13.  Although his first passion was football, Chef “Dom” found that his love for cooking quickly became his prominent passion, affording him the opportunity to express himself through creativity while giving to others.  Chef Dom enjoys the business of food as well as sharing with his clients the benefits of freshly prepared dishes.  He firmly believes that health determines your wealth and that your medicine cabinet should be in your refrigerator. Understanding that cooking at its best embodies math, science, physics and art, he seeks to prepare dishes that are nutritionally balanced, while remaining visually appealing and pleasing to the pallet.  


A native Washingtonian, Chef Dom attended Elizabeth City State University where he studied Business Management. He is currently the Business and Operations Manager for Finishing Touches Culinary, Newington, VA.  He serves a diverse client base including MedStar, XSport Fitness, 202 Strong Fitness, Kingdom Care Senior Village, Amazon Fresh and Sibley Hospital to name a few. 


Chef Dom also believes in community – this belief leads him to support many charitable events and activities.

 "Finishing Touches ", is a private catering, meal prep company that also provides other various culinary services. We strive for great customer satisfaction & we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. We offer a variety of options to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy with our work. Glance around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to connect with you soon and go over your goals to live healthier! Check back later for new updates to our website.

There's much more to come as we are always building.



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